Motherhood can be one of the biggest challenges women will ever experience. Being a mother can be both really delightful but at the same time really overwhelming, doubtful, and challenging.

However, motherhood was never an easy task, and challenges have always been a part of it. But today we have to face the demand of situations like technology, rapidly-changing family dynamics and a competitive educational system.

Furthermore, raising a child is intense, difficult, and all-consuming. Mothering is a never-ending mirror that challenges actions, words, attitudes, choices, and beliefs. So, within each day of motherhood lies a challenge that has the potential to shape into a better version of oneself.

The task

Juggling childcare with other priorities is a difficult task for mothers. While labour and sleepless nights may top the list for many when we think of tough motherhood experiences but it is the emotional challenges that are the hardest. Moreover, you become vulnerable in a way you never imagined, when you love someone the way you love a child.

Moreover, in between challenging and frustrating times mothers experience shining moments of pure love and joy that make it all worthwhile. Although, being a mother in today’s time is a daunting task. Because, parents have to deal with the regular parenting issues like children being fussy about nothing, or asking thousands of questions or refusing to obey instructions etc.

If that wasn’t enough, we are introduced to another level of complexity of technology. Thanks to the advancement in technology, children these days are living a digitalized childhood and are growing up in a saturated environment. However, peer pressure is one of the most difficult aspects to handle and requires various techniques to manage. With access to media and social media children often are exposed to unsupervised and misleading information.


After a bit of research and based on my own experience I am now outlining the most Challenges of Motherhood

  • Staying connected with yourself separate from your role as a mother.
  • LETTING GO.  Letting go of everything: ideas about time, ideas about achievement, ideas about perfection, ideas about motherhood.
  • Failing each day.  Loneliness. 
  • Feeling like you are not a good enough mother. Feeling like you are not doing enough.
  • Fatigue.  Not having the time and energy to care for yourself.
  • Isolation.  Missing adult conversation.
  • Motherhood can be lonely and overwhelming.  There just isn’t enough support.  It’s hard not living up to expectations.
  • Being triggered by your own childhood when you look at your child. The old pain all of the sudden is back.
  • Knowing whose advice to take, what book to listen to.
  • Knowing what to do with your child.
  • Afraid of making mistakes raising your child.
  • Feeling like you are fulfilling your duties as a Mum and staying at home: keeping the house tidy and cooking with a baby/child.
  • Connecting with other “like” women.  Smaller casual encounters are needed to form stronger bonds and make real friends.
  • Adjusting from being an independent professional to have a completely dependent child that you are at home with 24/7.
  • Not feeling attractive. Lost the feminine energy.
  • No sex drives.

OVERCOMING emotional challenges

Having said that, I don’t think parents need much guidance and advice on the matter of their parenting skills. But, what they really need is reassurance and support in becoming more confident in their parenting.

Moreover, children need confident parents because this sets an example for them and helps them go through life, making their own judgements and grow into emotionally mature adults.

Does this feel or sounds familiar? Can you resonate with it? You don’t need to suffer and you don’t need to feel alone. You certainly don’t need to feel like that for the rest of your life! If so, I can help you! In July I will be doing a two-day workshop for mothers. I will support you and help you change your experience of motherhood. For more information click the link below:

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With Love, Always,

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