Recently I have read Newman’s book. Very inspiring and motivational little book. One chapter really resonated with me. A chapter on dreams, imagination, and visualization. As children, we did not have an issue with imagination. We could imagine anything, and we could even play upon that imaginary scene. So, what happened to us later? Why so many adults find it so difficult to have dreams and goals?

I would consider myself a huge dreamer. Dreaming is an important aspect of my life. I dreamed of all my life. I always have millions of different ideas in my head. The most precious ideas I have, I always write them down. Because, I wouldn’t let myself forget them. I appreciate that part of my personality. I appreciate myself and my ability to dream. My father thought me how to dream.

Left and right side of the brain

Since the youngest years of your life, you were pushed to develop the left side of the brain, which is responsible for logical and analytical thinking. However, the right side of your brain is responsible for imagination, creativity, intuition, emotions, and dreams.

I personally think, it is more dangerous to neglect the right side of the brain than the left side. Why? Because our uniqueness, our perceptions, our individuality, and creativity comes from it! Look at all of the inventions and ideas for the business… all of that came from imaginations… before all of it was created in reality, someone had to imagine it first. Before any inventions was made, there was a man who visualized it in his head.

Logic vs. Visualization

If you think you can see everything through your eyes, and if you think you know everything through your logic, you could not be more wrong! Your logic and your eyes help you see what is just right in front of you. You need to learn how to look beyond that! You need to start looking and seeing broader that that!

Imagination is always the source of the dynamic life. Anything that you can imagine you can achieve. Anything that you can dream off, and visualize it, you can achieve! The poorest person isn’t the one without money, but without dreams. You can live your life only once, so make big plans, create big goals. Visualize things that you want!

Visualization allows you to see the invisible, believe what is improbable, and accept what is impossible. People who visualize things, they see more and further ahead. It is up to you how you are going to live your life.  

Your imagination is one of the most powerful things you will ever possess in your life. And you don’t need to wait for it, you don’t need to achieve it. It was given to you at your birth. Its your gift from life.

When you stop dreaming you stop living!


Life paradox

However, we believe that the things we can buy are valuable and expensive. We put only a value on things that we can buy. So, we do not appreciate the things that we were given for free. We do not put the value on things that are free. This is the paradox of life!  The things that we get actually for free are the most valuable! Love, family, friends, soul, our minds, imagination, dreams, life are the most precious things in our life! Those things are priceless! And they are making a purpose in your life! Those free, powerful aspects of your life create a meaningful life. Do you not see it?

The tragedy of life is not death 
but what we let die inside of us while we live


Keep dreaming. Most of us have a huge potential that we have not developed just because we have not realized we have it. Dreams are like a huge motivational magnet. They help us get through the hard times. Have the courage to dream… Dreams can change your life.

Neither the world nor you know what you can do until you try.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks to our ability to dream and imagination we can evolve. Because of our capacity to visualization, we can grow and keep developing as human beings. Don’t loose it in you. Don’t ever stop dreaming. This is your huge power. And the price of loosing this side of you is just too expensive! So keep dreaming…

With love and best wishes,

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