Today I will be writing about my latest project, which is my big pride because I worked so hard for it and it was one of my biggest dream come true. But on top of that, I have created something amazing for people. Horizon Mental Health Clinic is people’s place. But I will get to it later.

On Monday the 12th of April I have opened my very first mental health clinic in Limerick City. I am so proud of this place; and I am so proud of myself; I am so proud of what it will be… you might think it sounds cocky but trust me it took me a few years to learn how to take pride in the person I am today. I had to teach myself how to praise myself for the little and for the big things. So, no this is not cocky. It is honest and authentic. It is me being real. I am happy I can say today with confidence that I have created something amazing and that I am proud of it!

Finding my horizon

When I work with my clients on their confidence, I am helping them with the process of becoming themselves without shame. So how truthful would I be to them if I couldn’t say confidently that I am feeling proud? How I am with my clients in the room reflects who I am and what I believe in.

When I tell my clients that I believe in them or that they can do and achieve whatever they want, it’s because I really believe it. I am not saying this for the sake of saying this or to make my clients feel better. To your surprise, this is not my job or my responsibility as a psychotherapist to make you feel better or to ‘fix you’! (What does that even mean?)

My job is to help you become who you want to be. My job is to help you understand yourself. My job is to give you the support you need to create the life you want. Moreover, my job is to show you what you really deserve. My job is to show you how you can change your thoughts and behaviours that are destructive and exchange them with supportive ones. My job is to help you heal your traumas, your past, your hurt, and your pain. My job is to help you stop identifying yourself with your past experiences. That is my job and I love every single bit of it.

Horizon Mental Health Clinic

Furthermore, I truly believe that everybody deserves access to the best mental health care. By creating the Horizon Clinic I have translated this belief into action.

We are a psychotherapy private practice. As psychotherapists, we help clients make authentic, meaningful, and mindful choices about how to live. We believe that psychotherapy can provide a significant ground to nurture growth.

In a comfortable and serene atmosphere, our psychotherapists provide a highly personalized approach adapted to your individual needs. We provide a safe and supportive environment for you, where you can feel welcomed, understood, non-judged and listened to.

Our mental health therapists are well-trained in effective techniques, passionate about their work and share a commitment for empathy and authenticity. Our psychotherapists provide high-quality, professional and compassionate care.

We are here to help

Horizon Mental Health Clinic is here to help you on your unique journey to personal growth. Every day, we see how human connection and increased self-knowledge can change lives for the better. Moreover, we help you address habits and emotions that are inhibiting your personal freedom and preventing you from living life as your fullest self.

However, our lives are guided by the stories we tell ourselves. So, it’s time to begin a second draft. Horizon Mental Health Clinic exists to provide you with fresh perspectives, personalized guidance, and solutions to help you overcome the unhealthy habits and patterns that are inhibiting you from living your fullest life.

Horizon Mental Health Clinic recognizes that each human being is unique and so are the concerns that bring them to therapy. We adapt our therapy to individuals’ needs. We are aware that what might work for one person does not necessarily need to work for another.

Every emotion and feeling are important. How you feel matters a lot because it defines your happiness and your own perception of who you are.

Your mental health is as important as your physical health
You are not alone; let us help you!

Follow The horizon

To conclude, Horizon Mental Health Clinic is made with consideration of every client that will walk through our door. I have put a lot of thought into the process of creating this place. I made Horizon Mental Health Clinic with my heart and soul. You can follow the whole process of creating this clinic on Instagram @horizonmentalhealthclinic or on our Facebook page Horizon Mental Health Clinic where I am explaining each move, the meaning of the logo, colours, pictures, my team, and more.

I have a lot to offer, as a person, as a psychotherapist, and as a woman. Everything I do is to help people. Everything I do is for people. Even though it might seem like the beginning… it is the beginning of something much bigger…

With love always,

Director, CEO, Founder at Horizon Mental Health Clinic


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