„Psychotherapist, like the archaeologist in his excavation,
must uncover layer after layer of the patient’s psyche,
before coming to the deepest, most valuable treasures.”

S. Freud

About me

Sylwia Kuchenna

 Qualified Psychotherapist 

My name is Sylwia Kuchenna, I am the founder and CEO of Horizon Mental Health Clinic. I am a qualified and accredited psychotherapist. I graduated from Letterkenny Institute of Technology in 2015 with BA (Hons) in Law. I also graduated from PCI College and the University of Middlesex with a Diploma and Bachelor’s (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. In 2022 I obtained a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescents
Psychotherapy from Middlesex University. I am a member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).

Every client is special to me and equally important. Psychotherapy is an interesting process, where an individual is able to see their old patterns of behaviour, understand their emotions, exam their own thinking. Sometimes the therapeutic process is a journey into the past, sometimes into the future, and sometimes into their own body. I provide a safe and supportive environment for each client, where an individual can feel welcomed, understood, non-judged, and listened to. As a member of the IACP, the therapy is
conducted according to the IACP code of ethics.

I am aware that each client is different, has different needs and their story is unique, this is why I am using an integrated style of therapy, which is a mix of various types of therapy (psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive- behavioural (CBT), family systems and Gestalt). This approach allows me to match the therapy to an individual client’s needs.




Psychtherapy and Counselling Services

Depression Treatment

Depression is a common mental disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness, depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.

Family and Relationship Issues

Every relationship can have ups and downs or go through times of difficulty, but if there are more negatives than positives in relationship, then it might be time to think about whether or not it’s a healthy one.


In most cases, people who self-harm do it to help them cope with overwhelming emotional pain. This could be caused by social problems, trauma or psychological reasons.

Stress Management

Stress is a feeling of being under abnormal pressure. It can be caused by anything from an increased workload, to an argument with a family member, to financial worries.


Sexuality Issues

Sexuality has to do with the way you identify, how you experience sexual and romantic attraction, and your interest in and preferences around sexual and romantic relationships and behaviour. 



Trauma is the experience of severe psychological distress following any terrible or life-threatening event. Trauma survivors may develop emotional disturbances such as  anxiety, anger, sadness,  guilt, or PTSD. They may experience ongoing problems with sleep or physical pain, encounter turbulence in their personal and professional relationships, and feel a diminished sense of self-worth due to the overwhelming amount of stress.

Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem is the degree to which one feels confident, valuable, and worthy of respect. Where a person’s self-esteem falls on this spectrum, it can influence one’s overall well-being.


Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a term used to describe uncomfortable feelings of nervousness, worry, and tension, which we all feel from time to time. It affects our thoughts, physical reactions, moods and behaviours. 

Bereavement and Loss

The loss of a loved one can be difficult and can trigger a dip in mental health. There is no right or wrong way to experience loss or to grieve. People may experience a wide range of emotions. This is part of coming to terms with a loss or bereavement.

Inner Child Meditation

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Your inner child holds the key to unlocking profound healing and personal growth. By revisiting and nurturing this aspect of yourself, you can release old traumas, overcome limiting beliefs, and rediscover the joy and creativity that may have been buried beneath the responsibilities and stresses of adulthood. Connecting with your inner child allows you to reclaim your authentic self and live a more fulfilling life.

Unlock the power of your inner child and accept a life filled with joy, authenticity, and limitless possibilities. Start your journey of self-discovery today!

Inner child work is one of the deepest works in psychotherapy. The inner child is a huge part of your psyche that is playing a huge role in your life today as an adult. It impacts your relationships, your perceptions of the world, your job, and even your thoughts about yourself. If you have experienced trauma in your childhood, didn’t feel loved, your emotional needs were not met or didn’t feel understood, visible or safe, your Inner Child is going to be wounded, and as a result, you are constantly living in the survival mode.

As traumatized children we always dreamed that someone would come and save us. We never dreamed that it would, in fact, be ourselves, as adults. ~ Alice Little

This book is a practical course in life transformation that helps change subconscious life codes. Through the exercises in this book, you will develop self-confidence, regain emotional freedom, improve relationships with other people, build a sense of self-worth,
and start a new life! 

Strength, hope, patience, understanding, persistence, setting and achieving goals, consistency in action, acceptance, friendship with yourself, self-esteem, peace of mind, inner balance, spiritual development, joy, optimism, positive attitude, freedom – you will learn all this from this book.
New life codes, to help you achieve a state of happiness and completeness.

 If you feel stuck in your life, this book is for you. 

  • If you are lacking self-esteem, this book is for you. 
  • If you look for inspiration and ideas, this book is for you. 
  • If you want to change your life, this book is for you. 
  • If you can’t find happiness in your life, this book is for you.
  • If you subconsciously believe that you are unlovable, that you have no right to happiness, and that you are inferior, your path in life will be a faithful reflection of these beliefs.
  • If you want to get back on your feet, change your life, stop being a victim of life, and believe in yourself, this book is for you.

You and your life matter.
Stop waiting for external validations. Become a whole and complete by looking internally. The ultimate goal of our lives is to be happy… but nothing or no one can make you really happy but yourself!

In this book, you will find tips on:

  •  why should you be more compassionate towards yourself, how compassion can help you improve your life, and how to do it,
  • you will understand your self- esteem and how to increase your level of esteem,
  • how to stay in the more present mode, how to start noticing yourself in the world around you,
  • how to change your mindset to ‘being good enough’, and how to stop  exhausting yourself by trying to reach perfection,
  • why should you start looking after yourself, and pay attention to your  mind, body, and soul,
  • how to improve the quality of your life, and how to feel happiness. 

Awaken Your Potential Meditation

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Guided meditation is a simple, and incredibly effective way to reduce stress and increase confidence – you can feel empowered to accomplish whatever you are yearning for or working toward. Those who practice using mindfulness meditation have reported feeling more positive, self-assured, bolder, and more courageous with unlimited potential.

Do you want to improve the quality of your life?
If so, this PDF is for YOU!

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It will help you understand:

 * What impacts self-esteem. *

* How low self-esteem affects your life. *

* How to build a healthy and strong self-esteem. *

* How to increase your self-esteem. *

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Once you know who you really are, being is enough.
You feel neither superior to anyone nor inferior to anyone
and you have no need for approval because you’ve awakened to your own infinite worth.

Sylwia Kuchenna



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