Sometimes we all get lost and confused about life. We are wondering what life is about and why are we here… those existential questions don’t necessarily mean that someone is depressed or wants to die. It could mean that one is trying to find a way to spirituality or simply trying to expand his consciousness. Therefore, it is important we do listen to ourselves and our bodies and not jump to conclusions too quickly.

Law of life

Any human being who has at least a little bit of self-awareness knows that life is a very individual and unique journey; that no one can live our lives for us and that we need to take responsibility for ourselves, our actions, behaviours, emotions, and thoughts.

However, there are few life laws, or universal laws if you prefer, that comply with every single one of us. There are no exemptions, and those laws are always working.

It doesn’t matter what age, gender, country, the color of your skin, financial status, and marital status you have.  Universal law applies to everyone all the time.

You can be in denial, and think that this is not true, but let me put it to you this way… you can’t deny something if you don’t subconsciously believe that it is there in the first place.

Balance and Harmony

One and the very first principle of life is balance. This is the first step you need to take if you want to have happy, fulfilled, and peaceful life. Usually when we think of a balance our brain searches for some symbols that can represent balance for us, usually it is the Yingying Chinese symbol.

I am not talking about symbols here and this is not for your left brain to capture or understand. This is about your energy and the balance within yourself. This is about the inner connection that you have with yourself, which is absolutely crucial for you.

The balance within will give you a sense of certainty, serenity, harmony, and peace. It will empower you, and help you build your self-esteem.

Living out of balance

It is very easy to spot a person who is out of balance energetically. Those people usually are getting frustrated, annoyed, and angry very quickly. They might feel anxious and uneasy. People who are out of balance usually run 100h/km and don’t know how to stop and are too afraid to stop. Or on the contrary, they might take no action and do completely nothing with their lives!

If you are out of balance, you might feel like you want to persuade people or manipulate them into something that you want them to do. You might feel like you need to be in control all the time or you might feel like you are not having any control whatsoever!

The behaviours of an unbalanced person might vary and can go in all different directions, but they have a few things in common: not being happy, not feeling free, and not being at peace. Life feels more like a constant battle, force, and struggle.

A few steps towards inner balance

The good news is that all the above can be simply changed. However, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy! Because you will need to work and take a few steps to change it.

It will require your commitment to yourself and your life. You will need to be willing to learn a new way of being… by paying attention you yourself (your actions and emotions).

  • Meditation

One of the most amazing ways to find your inner balance is through meditation. It helps you pay attention to yourself, your emotions, and your surroundings. You are very present when you do it, and yet time doesn’t exist when you mediate.

Through meditation, you can connect with your higher self/ soul. This is where you are getting all your answers, but first, you need to learn how to listen.

If you say that meditation doesn’t work for you, that is just evidence of how imbalanced you are. And that is the right reason why you should practise it even more. Saying that mediation doesn’t work is laziness and ignorance. Let’s be honest, you just don’t want to do the inner work. You see my dear, nothing changes, if nothing changes.

  • Do the opposite

If you are working a lot right now, take a vacation, if you are not spending time in nature, you do it. Or if you feel like you don’t have time, so you take time for yourself. If you don’t take any action, so it’s time for you to act now. Do the opposite of what you are feeling and doing right now. If you dedicate 90% of your time to your business, then it’s time you dedicate this time somewhere else e.g., to family, or for yourself. (Whatever you feel you need to do).

  • Ground yourself

When was the last time you actually were in the park, forest, or on the beach? It is time to do it now! You need to ground yourself and live in the present moment, observe and connect with the nature… that is our natural way of being. You need to connect with Mother Nature, it helps us ground ourselves. When you ground yourself, you feel connected, and when you are connected you feel stronger.

Being grounded is helping you get out of your head; grounding is about experiencing it’s not about doing. It quiets your mind. It helps you feel yourself, and your soul.


Living in the 3D dimension doesn’t mean that is all that we are. You are so much more! But your left brain, your ego, your logical mind wants to reject it because it can’t measure it or see it. But you are bigger than that. Only you can hear your thoughts, only you can feel your emotions. Only you know what you deep down desire, that is your soul’s communication with you. But your ego will put all different doubts in yourself. Your ego will keep you small.

Find a balance within yourself, start operation from the right brain… and notice the difference!

With lots of love,

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