Have you ever wondered how many times fear is actually stopping you? How many times have you decided not to do something because of fear? How many times has fear stopped you from following your desires?

We all have fear. All of us feel fear.  It is one of many emotions we feel, but as its name states (e- motion) it is a feeling in motion… so our feelings are energy. Ask yourself: how big this energy needs to be, to be able to stop you from doing things that you want to do?

Fear is just a feeling, based on your thoughts/ beliefs… together yes, they are powerful and can take control over your mind and body. Together they can make you stop doing things…. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself:

What if I listen to my soul? This tiny little voice of my desire? What would happen then? Who would I be? Where would I go? What would I do? How would I feel about myself??

What is your biggest dream? What are your desires?  Or, what deep down makes your heart warm? Is there anything that makes you so excited just by thinking of it?

Childhood desires

We all have dreams; we all want something. All of us are creators, all of us have an idea for our life. What is yours? If you don’t know now, go back to your childhood, who did you want to become when you grow up? Who were you then? What did you desire then? When we were children, it was so easy for us to connect with our desires. It is like deep down we exactly knew what our purpose is here. We were using our imagination without fear, we were creating our reality via playing. Nothing seemed impossible.

My Journey

When I was a child, (about 7 years old) I knew I wanted to help people. I knew I want to save people’s lives and make them feel powerful again… for my child’s mind the only people who did that were doctors, so I said I wanted to be a doctor…

Every career I picked was based on helping people. I have two degrees in law, thinking I was going to be a lawyer, but when I was working in a solicitor’s office… I knew straight away that this is not for me. It didn’t feel right. I didn’t wait. I started to search again… two months later I started to study psychotherapy and counseling. Guess what?! I am still here 😊

Every cell in my body (we know that in cells are atoms and atoms are energy) is screaming Yes! Even now as I am typing this article I am smiling. I found my right path. I found the path of my soul. Even though I didn’t have direct answers, I didn’t know it all at first. All I knew was that I wanted to help people, that is all I had. The possibilities were limitless… and that was enough…

Never give up on your desires!

So, the next question is, what has happened to you? Someone would say life… I would say 3D reality overtook our divinity… The tiny whisper that we hear, and what we call our desires… I call it the talk of our soul. Re-connect with it. Listen to it. Listen to your soul.  Believe me, you will never feel more powerful!

I never gave up on the desire of wanting to help people. I knew deep down only that will fulfill me and fully make me happy. But I didn’t give up. After 4 years of law, the fear didn’t stop me from searching more. Start listening to your desires. All the answers you need are already inside you.

How would my life look like, if I believed everything is possible and that I am limitless? How would my life look like, if I acted like failure wasn’t a thing?


There is a spirit inside you, call it however you want. You are the divine creature. You are spiritual. And you have a soul. We are energy-based creatures, in an energy-based Universe. Everything within you and outside you is energy. De facto you cannot be more spiritual than the way you are, because you are already a spirit.

Stop trying to do everything alone and by yourself. Trust in much Higher Power. Trust that part of it is inside you. You are part of it all. You are not alone, you never were alone and never will be.

Look inside you to find the answers that you think you need. There are there… always…

With love always,

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