With this short article, I would like to address something I have noticed to be quiet of the issue in this century. I have realized that people keep looking for happiness externally. Or they keep waiting for happiness to come to them. But the paradox of that is happiness is not a thing that comes and goes. Happiness is not something that can be earned, achieved, and received. Happiness is a state of mind.

Understanding happiness

Usually, when we think of happiness, we think of some sense of luck. When we see someone happy we think they must be a fortune in their life. Or that happiness means an easy life. But life never meant to be easy! Life is meant to be lived! And do you feel your life? Do you feel alive? Happiness is all you, your life, what you do, and how you perceive yourself and your life. Happiness is your attitude towards life. In my book ‘Grow into your happiness’ I am talking about how to start noticing yourself in your own life. I am explaining the concept of happiness in detail.

You can experience happiness when you start noticing the little things around you. What was the one thing that you enjoyed today? What was the one thing that you felt grateful for? If you want to be happy you need to find gratitude. Without gratitude, you will never feel properly happy. It will never be deep. Without gratitude, your happiness won’t last, and it will be a temporary feeling. Usually, I suggest my clients broaden their perception, but when it comes to happiness, it is actually the opposite. I am encouraging my clients to start looking very close, and not to look ahead.

Little things

What do I mean when I say ‘little things’? It can be anything, anything at all! It could be the smell of morning coffee or sunlight shining through the kitchen window. It may be small green leaves that have started to appear on the bushes. It could be the noise of the birds singing outside, the view you see every morning. Or the pure silence, that allows you to actually hear your own thoughts. It can be the book that you picked to read or your favorite song. You see, anything at all can bring joy to your life. You don’t need to wait for it, because it is already here.

My own example

Let me give you my own example… It is Sunday at 7:24 am in the morning and I am writing this article for you so later on or tomorrow you will be able to read it. My kids are playing with lego, I can hear them talking with passion about some engine damage, weapons, and being in the dark, oh and of course, there are some special effects as well (booom! pushhhh! thushhh!) I am looking through the window and the weather is so calm. Outside feels so calm and still, it is so grounding. I am in my sitting room, and I love it because it feels cozy and warm.

I am not thinking about what will I have to do later, I have an idea what will I do later, but that is for later. Now I am here. I am enjoying myself. And I will enjoy my Sunday. I feel excited about today. Today is a new start. Today is a day that can bring me so much good stuff. Today I can learn new things, whatever it is going to be. If I meet a challenge, I will deal with it then, not now. Now I am enjoying this moment! I believe that today is going to be a good day because there is no reason why I should be thinking differently.

Positive approach

Being positive and hopeful is something that can really help you with finding your own gratitude. Believe and have faith. You don’t need to control everything. There are things that you can control, but also there are things that you cannot control. And that is ok because that already brings a healthy balance to you. Believe that today is going to be a good day, and if something unexpected happens, believe that you have the ability to deal with it THEN, not now, because it didn’t happen yet. Have faith in the day and in yourself. If you decide to do something for yourself, enjoy it while you doing it. you cannot enjoy that moment later, it doesn’t make sense. It is NOW that you have, it is NOW that is important. Own your NOW. That is the only thing you can take for granted. Your NOW.

With love and best wishes always,

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