Another week of New Years’ is behind us now, but for many of us, it feels like a déjà vu from 2020. Lots of people are struggling with this third 5th level lockdown. But we are not only struggling with the restrictions that the government put on us. We are struggling, with our fears, uncertainty, with the unknown. We are afraid for our health and life… to the point where we have frozen our humanity!

None of us was or could ever be prepared for what is happening right now in the World. Nobody could ever predict that the whole world will be shut. None of us could be prepared for it. In the beginning, it was all shock, and no one knew what the consequences of Covid-19 would be. What exactly it would mean for us, and how it would affect us?

The effects of Covid

The majority of people were and still are so horrifically scared for their life and health. We all are affected by Covid-19 in one way or another.  Many people have lost their loved ones, many people have lost their businesses, people have lost their jobs, freedom, connection with other people, and well-being.

Because of everything being closed, we lost places that availed us with the connection with other people. We lost places that helped us maintain the social aspect of our lives. We lost places that helped us getting out of our comfort zone, where we could easily meet other people.

Moreover, we lost the ability to move freely from one place to another, we cannot meet friends for a coffee, we cannot visit our family, we cannot hug people or even shake their hands, we cannot have any normal human interaction with each other. We cannot even see each other’s facial expressions anymore! We just do not know if someone is smiling at us or not!

Furthermore, we even lost the ability and capacity to make plans. Making any plans seems so far away aspect that many of us just stopped. The fear of the unknown and the fear of getting disappointed is so high that we just stopped everything that we once were looking forward to. And this is affecting our mental health and well-being.

What do you do?

But I want you to think for a second… think for yourself. What do YOU do? How do you let this lockdown affecting YOU? What do YOU fuel your mind with? What do YOU constantly think of? And what do YOU concentrate on? Where is YOUR focus? Do you feel helpless and hopeless? But why?!

I want you to think, what do you do all day, to help yourself? I want you to think of one good thought that you had today about today, about yourself or your situation? Were there any positive thoughts? Did you concentrate on something that makes you feel better? Did you do something that brings you joy?

Let me guess… you spent most of the day on the sofa, watching the news, eating unhealthy food, and you are worrying sick for your life and health… OR you are now so busy with the house-work, with kids at home that you do not have any time for yourself, and when you do, you then watch the news that adds to the negativity… it does not matter if those scenarios are right or wrong, my point is: what do you put to your mind? What you fuel your mind with?

Media and Covid

When you watch the news, do you add positivity to your life? How do you feel after you watched the news? Media only fuels your fear and anxiety! Media only adds to your nightmares! There is NOTHING good in watching the news. And it certainly does not help you with anything, and the media does not add value to your life! So why do you spend so much time on something that does not bring any value to you or your life? For me, it is a waste of time because you could do so many other positive things than that!

Yes, I get the point what you have lost… we all did… and I am not dismissing it at all. I am just curious why some people are more affected by it than others? I have this huge privilege to be able to work face-to-face with people. Everyone has something to worry about, everybody lost something, everybody is affected by this stillness and nothingness. I think at this stage we all are tired of this whole situation! We all had enough!!

My own approach

I have not watched any news for the last 7 years! Yes, that’s right 7 YEARS! I and my husband banned tv from our lives. We do not watch any programs, and that is including the news! We do not feel like we are losing something because of it. It is actually the opposite; we have gained so much peace and time.

I am careful about what I am feeding my mind with. If it is something that does not serve us or brings value to our lives, we will not watch it. Is that the right approach? I do not know, but it definitely serves my family. I feel we gained a lot from it. We prefer to watch something positive with the kids, rather than add negativity to our lives.

Unfreeze yourself!

It is so easy to blame Covid-19 for your unhappy state of mind, it’s so easy to blame the government for taking away the good things from your life. It is easy to blame everyone and everything for your unhappiness. But what all this blaming doing to you? Nothing?! Oh no, it does! It takes away your control, it takes away your power. It deprives you of being responsible, and from taking ownership of your life! You are so busy with the Covid, that you totally forgot about yourself!

However, You have a choice here! You have a choice not to watch the news, you have the choice whether you let the negativity enter your life. And, you have the choice of what will you do in your free time. You have the choice of what will be your approach to this lockdown! It is up to you whether you will look after your health and wellbeing!  Ask yourself, what does really matter to you!


We are so afraid to lose our life and our physical health that we totally dismissed the things that are important to us. We are so busy worrying about our lives that we actually have STOPPED LIVING! And, we are so busy worrying about our health that we stopped paying attention to our well-being! We are so busy worrying about Covid that we are LOSING OUR HUMANITY!

Human beings need interactions, we need each other to keep us well, we need each other to survive! Every human needs love, connection, and care! And we need each other, that is the whole point of life!

If you are interested in keeping yourself in a positive state of mind; OR… If you want to find out tips on how to help yourself, and how to keep your mental health and wellbeing, I am inviting you to check out my YouTube Channel on mental health and personal development. As a psychotherapist, mother, wife, and human being, I want to help as many people as possible! I love my job, and I want to make it available to everyone!

However, do not let your fear be bigger than you are! Do not let your fear stop you from living! Do not let your fear losing your humanity!

With love and best wishes,

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