What is life? How do we understand this journey? How many times are you asking yourself those existential questions?

As we know life has 3 cycles that are unchangeable in order: Birth, Death, and Rebirth.

Life is the biggest lesson for the soul.

Life is short and fragile. Life is full of pain and problems.

Life is this big opportunity for us to expand and grow.

Life is a gift from God.

Life is just a different form of dimension our soul gets to experience the limitations that the human body brings.

Life is full of emotions and experiences.

Life is just one big choice.

Life is a process of getting to know yourself and coming back to your true self.

Your Perception

Life… whatever definition you are choosing for yourself, know that you are right. Because life just is. Whether this is going to be a good or a bad experience- you co-create it with your mindset, energy, perceptions, feelings and beliefs. Whatever you choose your life to be it is going to be exactly the way. So right at the beginning of this article, just ask yourself this question: How does my belief about life impact my experience of life?

L I F E – Such a short but so meaningful, important and mysterious word. Life in its imperfection is actually perfect. It’s rich, and abundant in EVERY possible form. Life- a journey where everything is possible- literally! Life- a journey where within seconds things can be turned upside down. Yes- life is a journey where seconds play a huge role, and at the same seconds mean nothing.

Life provides EVERYTHING- indescribable happiness, love, kindness, gratitude, greatness,  connection, constant growth, limitless possibilities, health, miracles, joy, pleasure, sexual sensations, infinite freedom, light, touch. BUT ALSO tears, pain, hurt, fear, trauma, feelings that are uncomfortable, traps, limits, guilt, darkness, hatred, insecurities…

Either way- it’s full of abundance, and every experience is rich in its feelings. But there is only ONE thing that life does NOT provide- a vacuum. Vacuum of nothingness. Even in nothingness, there is still something.

The Duality

Philosophers from the beginning asked the question “To be or not to be?”. I am asking how and what I want to experience. What is important to me? And how do I want to perceive life? What I have learned about life so far is that even if we know how we want to live and who we want to be no matter who we are- life will bring lessons that will challenge ALL that we believe.

If you believe that it is good- it will show you another possible way. Life is always responding to your soul. Life is in constant interaction with your energy. You are constantly connected with your higher self, the collective, and the universe. You are never alone here! And as much as this is a very individual and solo journey- it is not at the same time, because you are connected to everyone and everything! This journey that we call “life” is full of diversity. And there is no one ultimate truth, but many truths exist at the same time. Life is this beautiful dance of balance and harmony. Birth is the romance between life and death. There is a life in life. Moreover, the energy of life constantly expands and contracts- it’s like a life itself breathes, and exhales.


Another characteristic of life is that there is ALWAYS a perfect balance in your experiences. Because if we want to experience happiness, we need to know the feeling of unhappiness. If we want to know love- we also need to know the pain. If we want courage, there are also vulnerabilities. If we want strength, we also need to know our weaknesses. If we want abundance, we will also know lack. And this is not always so obvious to us, because sometimes the price comes in a different form than we expected.

(For example, if you think of a very rich person, who never experienced a lack of money- it doesn’t mean that this person is not experiencing a lack somewhere else. That person could experience a lack of happy relationships or a lack of love). No matter who you are and what you do, the same Universal law ALWAYS applies to EVERYONE! Life is fair.

But just because you might experience a lack, somewhere in your life, it doesn’t mean you cannot change it. That is the beauty of it all! You can! More- you actually should want to change that! This is how we learn, gain, grow, and expand the experience and the connection to our soul—by overcoming our ego, overcoming our limiting beliefs, and overcoming each challenge.

So, look at the yin-yang of life:

Light- Dark;    Day- Night;     Cold-Warm;   Summer-Winter;        Good-Bad.     

Life-Death;     Gratitude-Guilt;          Love- Emptiness;       Courage- Cowardice.

Connection- Loneliness;        Enlightenment-Misperception;          Health-Sickness.

Authenticity- Fakeness;          Awakening- Psychosis;          Strength- Weakness.

Abundance- Lack;      Rich-Poor;      Truth-Lies;      Openness-Isolation.

Responsibilities- Recklessness;         Understanding- Judgment.

Every decision has a consequence. Every choice leads to some outcome. Even lack of choice is still a choice- but in that situation, you are letting society choose for you. Because if you don’t choose- life will. Every choice will bring different challenges.


Everyone needs to do their “homework”. Everyone has their own lessons, and challenges to overcome. Moreover, everyone has their own trauma to heal from. Everyone has their own ego to overcome. No one will come out of their childhood as a whole. But everyone always has a choice. Nothing is ever black and white. Nothing is clear, and no situation has only one meaning. However, there is only ONE way- up. And that is to grow, to expand, to re-connect, to have a better understanding, to work on your consciousness.

With love,

Sylwia Kuchenna

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