The Secret Codes To Happiness PDF


Awake the wolf mentality and stop being a life victim. Gain mental freedom by reprograming your subconscious mind

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This book is a practical course in life transformation that helps change subconscious life codes. Through the exercises in this book, you will develop self-confidence, regain emotional freedom, improve relationships with other people, build a sense of self-worth, and start a new life!
Strength, hope, patience, understanding, persistence, setting and achieving goals, consistency in action, acceptance, friendship with yourself, self-esteem, peace of mind, inner balance, spiritual development, joy, optimism, positive attitude, freedom – you will learn this from this book. New life codes, to help you achieve a state of happiness and completeness.

Life depends on what decisions you make. How you make decisions depends on how you see yourself, life, and the world. How you see yourself, life, and the world depends on your subconscious beliefs. Subconscious beliefs are your internal program uploaded in your childhood.

These are your life codes.

If you subconsciously believe that you are unlovable, that you have no right to happiness, and that you are inferior, your path in life will be a faithful reflection of these beliefs. If you want to get back on your feet, change your life, stop being a victim of life, and believe in yourself, this book is for you.