I have recently shared an article about the benefits of exercising and how to overcome a blockage when thinking about joining the gym. Well, let me share with you my own bumpy road with exercising. 


Firstly, I believe it’s important to mention that I never liked any sports or exercise. PE in school was my biggest nightmare. I hated everything about it! (Please note that up to 14 years of age I was studying in Poland, where PE is treated equally to different subjects like maths, which means there are tests and different exercise exams, and you are being graded on the level of your exercise abilities). I didn’t like running, gymnastics, playing different sports… It was just not my thing, that was what I have been telling myself because I was never good at any of these things. 

However, as I was growing older, health and well-being were important to me. At that stage, I knew that exercises are good for you and that to maintain better health I would have to start exercising. I tried… I tried running… On the first day, I was very enthusiastic about it. It lasted 3 days. 

Then I tried swimming, did it once, and promised myself that I will be doing it regularly… yes, you guessed it! That didn’t work out for me either! I convinced myself that it was too much hassle and took too much out of my precious time. 

Any sport that included a ball, was not an option for me! (I know my limits 😊). And I wanted something I would be able to enjoy, even though deep down I didn’t believe that I would ever enjoy it. 

Furthermore, I was more and more frustrated with the whole exercise thing. As a psychotherapist, I would often recommend exercising and joining a gym to my patients. I can’t tell you how hypocritic I felt doing so! Because I never did it myself. Even though I knew it was good I never did it. 


It was especially difficult for me, as my husband was always a very sporty person. He was always exercising and doing some kind of sports. For him, exercise is second nature. He tried to help me many times, but I couldn’t break myself. (Yes, I can be a very stubborn person). But really, I was just too afraid! Too afraid to be vulnerable and weak, because that’s how I felt every time I was attempting an exercise. 

I didn’t want my old beliefs to stop me from something I knew I could benefit from hugely! I didn’t want my own insecurities to keep me small in my comfort zone. But I wanted to exercise to feel better but also to look better. I knew it was a challenge, but I also had the determination to look after myself and my well-being. Once I admitted to myself that really what was stopping me from taking exercising seriously was the fear… That changed my perception. As no fear is going to ever take over my life or take away my freedom from doing what I want to do! 

The workshop Gym in Newport

After I realised that and told my husband about it, he asked me: “Why don’t we join the gym that is literally 5 mins. walk from our home? You won’t need much time to travel, it will save you some time, and I will be there with you if you need me?” 

The next morning we landed in the Workshop Gym. I was so out of my comfort zone! This was actually the first time in my life that I was in the gym. I felt like a small child! Lost, shy, confused, and very uncomfortable. (And I am not a shy person!) I was totally not in my element. 

Because it was our first time there, we had to fill in some form with our basic information, and goals we want to set for ourselves… very professional I thought. (I liked it). Connor (the PT in the Gym) was asking me a few questions even though I was struggling with answering he never once made me feel uncomfortable, disregarded, or stupid. He showed patience and was very friendly. I didn’t feel judged. 

I must say he showed full professionalism, gave me lots of reassurance, and made passing comments that how I feel is absolutely normal. He said if I had any questions I can always come to him and that he will help me. 

After a few days, Connor showed me how to use different machines in the gym, and what muscles they are for. He made a full exercise plan for me to help me with the goal I have set for myself in the gym. 

6 months late, and I am still in the gym! I didn’t give up, I kept going. And now, to my surprise, I actually enjoy it! I thought I would never say it! 

I can honestly say that the whole personnel in the Workshop Gym, is very professional, and friendly.

Nothing worked until…

Exercising was always making me feel very uncomfortable. For many years I have tried a few different ways to be more active. Nothing worked, until I joined the gym with really nice, kind, and caring personnel. I am so grateful that I found the courage to make the first step to go, but I wouldn’t stay, and it wouldn’t work out for me if the staff wasn’t so helpful and friendly, which I am also grateful for! 

So, if you anyhow can resonate with my story about exercising, then I really recommend you the Workshop Gym in Newport! 

With love,

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