Terms and Conditions for Online Courses and workshops

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before participating in any online workshops provided by Sylwia Kuchenna. These Terms and Conditions govern your participation in the workshop and constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Sylwia Kuchenna.

1. Workshop or Course Registration:
   a. By registering for the online workshop or course, you agree to provide accurate and complete information.
   b. You must be of legal age or have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate in the workshop.

2. Workshop or Course Content:
   a. All workshop materials, including presentations, documents, and recordings, are the intellectual property of Sylwia Kuchenna and are protected by copyright laws.
   b. Workshop or Course materials are provided solely for personal use and may not be reproduced, distributed, or shared without prior written consent from Sylwia Kuchenna.

3. Workshop or Course Participation:
   a. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner throughout the workshop or course.
   b. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behavior towards other participants or the workshop facilitator will not be tolerated.
   c. Participants are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary technical requirements (e.g., internet connection, compatible software) to access and participate in the workshop or course.

   d. Participants are responsible for their commitment therefore for their outcome of the workshop/online program. 

4. Workshop and course Fees and Payments:
   a. Workshop or course fees, if applicable, must be paid in full prior to the workshop start date, unless otherwise specified by [Workshop Provider].
   b. All payments are non-refundable, unless otherwise stated in writing by Sylwia Kuchenna.

5. Workshop and course Cancellations or Changes:
   a. Sylwia Kuchenna reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or modify the workshop at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or insufficient participant registrations.
   b. In the event of a workshop cancellation or rescheduling, Sylwia Kuchenna will provide alternative options and dates.

6. Disclaimer of Liability:
   a. Participation in the workshop is at your own risk. Sylwia Kuchenna will not be held liable for any injuries, damages, losses, or expenses incurred during or as a result of the workshop.
   b. Sylwia Kuchenna makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of the workshop content or materials.

7. Privacy and Data Protection:
   a. Sylwia Kuchenna will collect and process personal information provided during the registration process in accordance with applicable privacy laws.
   b. Personal information will be used for workshop administration and communication purposes only and will not be shared with third parties without consent, unless required by law.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
   a. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland.
   b. Any disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Ireland.

By participating in the online workshop, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any provision of these Terms and Conditions, please refrain from participating in the workshop.

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