Bad things do happen how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss,
or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.” – Walter Anderson

You can heal your inner child and heal the childhood trauma.

You can get your life back because you are NOT your trauma!

Trauma is something that happened to you,

but it is NOT who you are!

Your wounded Inner Child will show up in your everyday life in behaviours and beliefs like:

  • You feel that there is something wrong with you.
  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed when a change is on the horizon, or when doing something new.
  • You are a chronic people-pleaser.
  • You have a deep fear of being abandoned or rejected.
  • You are driven to be a super achiever, and perfectionist and have unrealistic expectations.
  • You constantly criticize yourself, you don’t feel good enough or lovable.
  • You have trouble with starting or finishing things.
  • You are ashamed of experiencing strong emotions like sadness or anger or you suppress your emotions constantly.
  • You struggle to say ‘no’, you feel very uncomfortable making decisions, and you are afraid to make a mistake.
  • You feel responsible for everybody’s happiness, and at the same time forgetting about your own needs.

If you don’t heal your wounded part of yourself, it will always impact your present. As a result, you will feel like you are continuously living in the past. Living in the past, being in survival mode, is stealing your joy and harmony away.

The inner child healing process is a way to address your needs that haven’t been met as a child and heal the attachment wounds you have developed. We all have a younger part of ourselves that was never quite loved the right way or the way they needed as a child. Inner child work, like any type of inner work, involves creating a space where your subconscious is allowed to take the lead. Inner work is the act of going inside ourselves, to explore our true feelings and parts of us that may have been rejected and labeled as ‘inappropriate’ or ‘too much’ by others.

By allowing ourselves time to go within, we begin peeling back our everyday coping mechanisms (being avoidant, numbing our feelings, etc.) and can fully accept and integrate our subconscious into consciousness. And in this program, I help you, guide you and support you throughout this healing process.

If you are reading this, you probably feel it’s time for a change…

Change doesn’t have to be difficult. Change can be simple, convenient, fun, and fast if you have the therapeutic tools and someone to guide you on your journey.

Start your therapeutic journey here.

Why this program?
During this program, we will focus on healing your wounds, but also embrace your strengths, because not everything that is a result of childhood trauma needs to be healed in you!

Imagine a life where you feel confident, good enough, and are no longer afraid to make decisions that are aligned with your needs.

Imagine a life where you know how to give but also how to receive love without guilt, shame or being afraid that the love won’t last.

Imagine a life where you can set clear boundaries because you know how to look after your own needs with care and kindness.

Your relationship, mental well-being, career, self-esteem and confidence, personality, happiness, physical health, how much money you earn and your successes are impacted by your inner child.

The Inner Child is a huge part of your psyche that is playing a significant role in your life today as an adult.  If you have experienced trauma in your childhood, didn’t feel loved, your emotional needs were not met or didn’t feel understood, visible or safe, your Inner Child is wounded.

Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds.”

– Dr. Maté

Experiencing childhood trauma is one of the most damaging mental suffering we can experience. Neglect, witnessing domestic violence, national disasters, loss of a parent, and all types of abuse — psychological, emotional, sexual, and physical — are examples of childhood trauma. The after-effects of trauma that you experience later in life may depend on your age and when the trauma occurred.
Unlike simple stress, trauma changes your view of your life and yourself. It shatters your most basic assumptions about yourself and your world — “Life is good,” “I’m safe,” “People are kind,” “I can trust others,” “The future is likely to be good” — and replaces them with feelings like “The world is dangerous,” “I can’t win,” “I can’t trust other people,” or “There’s no hope.”

 Start your healing journey

and elevate every aspect of your life.

“The essence of trauma is disconnection from ourselves. Trauma is not terrible things that happen from the other side—those are traumatic. But the trauma is that very separation from the body and emotions.” – Gabor Maté

This program is for you if you are ready to heal your inner child, leave the past behind you and start a new life by:

⁂  Feeling confident, loving yourself, believing in your abilities and yourself.

⁂  Having strong boundaries, and feel at peace, being less judgmental and worrying less.

⁂  Making better decisions for yourself. Being kinder to yourself and having more clarity and better-coping mechanisms to deal with life challenges.

⁂  Feeling free and learning to deal with your life by setting yourself free from the prison of the past and finally feeling happy. Also, being able to easily express your emotions and feel safe to do so.

⁂  Understanding that everything you need is inside of you to be happy and healthy, and you don’t need to look in other places for happiness.

⁂ Trusting yourself, feeling good enough, and worthy. Having good self-esteem and a good sense of self and identity. You are not having any issue with asking for what you want and/or need.

⁂  Finally having the audacity to be yourself, without feeling ashamed or guilty. You don’t have the need to apologize for your needs or desires, moreover, you would be proud of yourself.

In this 8-week Program you will get the following:

16 pre-recorded modules to help you and guide you with the
healing process of your Inner Child. (Together over 20 videos).

 Once a week online Q&A sessions along with some relevant topics.

Heal your Inner Child Meditation.

A bonus module about emotions and self-regulation.

A workbook to help you embrace and process your healing journey.

A handout with an explanation of each module.

Access to closed Facebook Group.

Access to WhatsApp group for the duration of this program.

All of the above is worth over €1500, but the price for this extraordinary 8-week “Heal Your Inner Child” Program is now at a reduced price of just €555.

“Healing from trauma can also mean strength and joy. The goal of healing is not a papering-over of changes in an effort to preserve or present things as normal. It is to acknowledge and wear your new life – warts, wisdom, and all – with courage.” – Catherine Woodiwiss

About Me

I’m Sylwia Kuchenna, an accredited psychotherapist. I manage a busy private practice and serve as the founder of Horizon Mental Health Clinic in Limerick. Additionally, I am an author, with my latest book titled “Trauma through the Inner Child’s Eyes.” I also organizing Inner Child Workshops and Retreats.

The subject of trauma and the Inner Child holds a profound significance for me. My teachings and healing processes draw upon years of experience, skills, and knowledge, enriched by my personal healing journey. I am well aware of the apprehension associated with the prospect of change. I empathize with the emotions and thought patterns stemming from childhood trauma.

My mission is to assist individuals in connecting with their wounded Inner Child, facilitating healing where necessary, and guiding them to look beyond the shadows of childhood trauma. I aim to empower people to embrace their inner strength and wisdom, a direct outcome of their transformative experiences.

“Before the program I felt lots of emotions, mostly anger towards a lot of people in my life. This program made me realise how many unprocessed feelings I had. I was also having difficulties in relationships, where I was finding very difficult to be authentic, because when I was trying to be I felt I was always punished or shut down by people. It was very difficult for me to be myself.
During the program a lot of grief came up for me, as I started to dive into my childhood. I felt I was going deep into the memories and feelings. It wasn’t very comfortable, for couple of weeks I was crying but I also found myself that I was reframing of what was happening in my childhood but towards the end of the course I felt like I understood the trauma more, I
understood what happened to me, I understand the effects it had on me and the things I thought were part of my personality I realised those were a result of trauma.
So, after the program I feel much stronger in myself. I have much clearer boundaries, and especially boundary about what I am willing to accept from other people, whether it is criticism, a clod shoulder, a silent treatment, it is become very clear to me that they are not part of love. I had this idea that those are the part of human relationships, so I have become very clear that those behaviours had no place in loving relationships whether in friendships or families.
After 2 months of focusing on this program I came out and started to look after myself, I joined a choir, I joined a dance class which I absolutely love. I feel more confident. Going out there in the world I feel more comfortable in myself. I feel like there is more of me there. I just feel more authentic. When I became more aware that I was doing people pleasing to control other people’s behaviour toward me, I realised how much fear I had and I still use the tools I got from the program. I feel more connected with my inner child. I no longer seek validation from outside of me. I am very grateful for this program, especially from the insights I got from Sylwia, especially when I asked her: “Do I need to change my beliefs?
And she said “No, you just take your power now!” And that I am doing. I am taking my
power now. I would highly recommend this program.”


“What I liked most about the program was connecting with my inner child, getting to know
him, making friends and understanding his needs, which are my needs. I think I got more
than I expected from the program! All the materials were helpful and even necessary. The
program instructor and her knowledgeable and effective in delivering the content was
Fantastic… The highest level of psychology. The whole program was a challenge…
Connecting with someone you didn’t even know existed, maybe deeply, very deeply. It was
certainly a challenge to introduce the inner child into everyday life, this was only possible
thanks to the guidance from Sylwia.
The list is long of what new knowledge, skills and insights I gained from the program: 1 –
Getting to know and become friends with myself. Self-acceptance. 2- Expressing myself
more freely in society and not hiding my feelings, no matter how unpleasant they may seem.
3- Knowing my inner self, knowing how my interior and my perception of the world
influence it. I would recommend this program to anyone who has never heard of the inner
child. And to everyone who has experienced trauma, not only in childhood.
The program was a challenge for me. The previous workshop prepared me a bit for the
program, but it was not the same… I had to demand a lot from myself and many
memories brought back long-forgotten pain… However, it was necessary to understand
who my inner child is, what impact it had and still has on my life . I think I’m slowly
starting to believe that my inner child is actually a deeper plane of me, a hidden world, a
hidden dimension. Something I want to connect with in order to be fulfilled in myself.
The program gave me an idea on how to implement it. First, imagine yourself, younger, a
child. Make friends with each other etc. Now I understand it as getting to know your
inner self, your deeply hidden feelings, emotions and needs. Before, I didn’t realize how
deep I was inside, like I said, a whole hidden universe. Thanks to the program, I realized
that getting to know my inner self will never end, but that doesn’t mean it is’t something bad
or unpleasant. On the contrary :)”


“It help me to put things in there proper places, helped me to name and sort through my trauma and look at things from a wider angle.

The material were helpful and relevant.  The Modules and workbook helped ground me, and gave me a pathway to look and work on my trauma. By working through the modules, workbook and zoom calls it helped to release the hurt and pain and to start the healing process. The material helping you to move through your trauma and to start the healing process.

Sylwia is the real thing.  She is knowledgeable and it is apparent that this is her area of expertise. You can feel that she want you to take back the power in your life. So many time in our zoom calls she “nailed” exactly what you were feeling or trying to articulate and helped you to reframe/understand/how to release and move on.

It was hard to dig deep at times and to know what I really felt, never mind journaling about it.    As it was deep work it was also brought up frightening/upsetting/angry emotions to deal with to try and journal about it.

Sylwia was excellent.  She understands the chaotic and messiness of it all.

You know she works from the heart that she is passionate about her work. Topic covered were deep, personal and also intensive.  You knew you were in good hands with Sylwia and in a safe and grounding environment with her.   She knew and understood how to navigate the scariness and uncomfortableness of your trauma.

I would suggest to anyone thinking about taking this course is to do yourself a favour and sign up, you will not regret it. Don’t continue with the way you are and get help from a professional Sylwia.  She nails it.  When you are aware you can change.  Afraid of something you are already feeling…you’re living that feeling.  

All can say is THANK YOU, you and your program have done so much for me.


 “Excellent layout and structure and organization of the 8 week program.

In particular, I loved the videos and exercises, they really helped me connect with and understand my inner child.

Above and beyond my expectations-so supportive, informative-so much loving kindness and compassion too-Thank U-U are amazing.

The program helped me gain so much insight into my childhood experiences-I am not my trauma- I realised at times that I was responding from the child-at times, having an impact on my present life . I feel now I can stand in my power, the adult taking control, keeping the inner child safe, comforted and loved at all times.

I would highly recommend this Inner Child Program to a friend seeking self discovery. I have learned so much more about myself.

I loved every bit of this program. I am so grateful to have experienced it. Sylvia, you’re an inspiration and so inspiring. I feel so empowered after doing this course…I feel I have finally found my voice…my inner child now feels heard and seen, she’s no longer invisible… I continue to learn every day…it really has being an amazing journey these last 8 weeks-this is only the beginning- SO EMPOWERING THIS COURSE-THANK U FROM MY HEART TO YOURS.


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