We have only one life… just one!

Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams? You see, my dear, if you don’t have big dreams and goals, you will end up
working hard for someone who does! Do you really want to work on someone else’s dream
when you simply could start working on your dreams and make them come true?

I am here to help you achieve it!

I am here to help you and empower you to create a life you once dreamed about! Because, my dear, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


Do you want that to be YOU?



Have you ever asked yourself…

Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t have the life you wanted or what happened to the dreams you once so much believed in? What is stopping you from getting what you and your soul desire? Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

I will help you become fearless in pursuing what sets your soul on fire! I believe that if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!

What is holding you back is not who you are, but what you think you are not!

You don’t live your dream life  YET  because:

You have unhealthy core beliefs about yourself.
You don’t believe in yourself.
You lack self-confidence.
You don’t believe you are worthy of your dreams.
You keep yourself small.
You are afraid that it will be very selfish and bold if had your dream life.
You prioritize other people’s needs first.
You are afraid to step into the unknown.
Stepping out of your comfort zone feels unbearable and unsafe!
You are not too sure what the first step should be.
You don’t know where to start.

During these incredible 16 weeks at Dream Life Academy, you will be
exploring, changing, and learning:

What are your limiting beliefs about yourself, how is stopping you from having a dream life and how to change them into much more supportive ones?

How to improve your self-esteem and become more confident to feel happier with yourself.

Get to know your core values, live according to them, and use them as your strength so that they will help you achieve your dream life.

Embrace your deepest fears about your success and dream life, so you will be able to use them as your guide rather than keep running away from them.

Build courage so you will start to believe that there is no good enough reason to stay unhappy, unfulfilled, and dreamless.

You will learn about the purpose of your soul, get friendly with your dreams, and you will know your whys, so it will help you find your way to your dream life.

Rearrange and change your self-concept, so no unhealthy beliefs will hold you back from embracing your full potential, and your dreams will come true!

You will learn about the law of attraction and the importance of gratitude, so it will amplify your results!

How to let go of perfectionism and start to really believe and feel good enough in your life so that you will be finally feeling worthy of your dreams!

How your mind is working, and how to take full control over your mind so that you will feel congruent and you will no longer fight with yourself.

You will also learn about quantum leaps. It will help you achieve your goals and dreams in a much quicker and easier way.

How to effectively set goals and step by step plans for your dream life to come true….

You see, my dear, a single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities…
Through this 4-month Academy, you will learn about the power of your dreams.
You don’t have to downgrade your dream just to fit your reality.
You will learn how to upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears & your actions be louder than your words!

Who am I? Why should you want to work with me?

I am a psychotherapist, author, podcaster, and founder of Horizon Mental Health Clinic in Limerick, Ireland. And I am definitely living my dream life! Since I was a child, I have been a huge dreamer…
I always had dreams. My dreams were my safe place! Nothing ever excited me as much as my dreams, so I decided to pursue them no matter how scary they were! Need evidence?

⁂  I got pregnant with my first child when I was 18years of age. I am a very happy mother of two amazing children who are very confident.

⁂I am in a loving, supportive, fulfilling, happy, exciting marriage with my soul mate!

⁂ I left my law career to start a new journey with psychotherapy.

⁂ I left my very secure job to go self-employed, just one week after we purchased our first home!

⁂I wrote two books on happiness and the subconscious mind!

⁂After two years of a very successful private practice, I have opened a company.

⁂What I used to earn in a year, now I have in just two months!

⁂I have accomplished all of this in a country where I was not born, and when I came first to Ireland, I had no English.

I am a very courageous and passionate person with absolute love for life and people. I am very committed to my work which helps me be in service to people who need it and want it.

My businesses are based on loyalty, respect, kindness, boundaries, commitment, and trust. I am always willing to learn new things. I am curious about life! My life motto is that everything is possible if you believe in it!

For the last seven years, I have been studying, learning, and working towards my personal development and growth along with professional knowledge about mental health, personal development, different personality types, emotions, spirituality, and life purpose.
I want to empower as many people as possible! I want people to feel how amazing they are! I believe in people! I believe in love! I believe in magic…

I have lots of knowledge and skills that I want to now share with others. I know how to help people. I am doing it every day. Doing this Academy is just another way for you to be able to work with me, to get to know me and my energy. I want you to be happy and feel powerful. I honestly believe that you are important and that you do deserve all your dreams to come true!

You deserve to feel excited about your existence! And that is my intention for you while creating this amazing, life-changing Academy!

 In Dream Life Academy, You will receive:
Once a week, zoom call 1-2-1 with me
Access to closed Dream Life Academy Facebook page
12-16 live videos on the closed Facebook group
PDF welcome package and lesson plan
Worksheets and exercises

Start date 13.06.2022…

Pre-Order now for the reduced price of €3333!

The full price is €4444!

Are you ready to change your mindset, create the life you always wanted and live a dreamlife you are worthy of?


The good news is that you know so far what you did wasn’t working because you are not living your dream life yet…
so it’s time to try something new…

How open-minded are you to start living the life of your dreams?

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